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Spectro FTIR
Oil Condtion Monitoring


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"For the determination of used oil degradation and contamination."


The Spectro FT-IR Oil Analyzer is a bench-top spectrometer optimized and designed specifically for the rapid determination of used oil degradation and contamination.



The Spectro FT-IR Oil Analyzer is specifically designed for the molecular analysis of lubricating oil to determine oil degradation and contamination. It was developed and optimized for predictive maintenance programs according to JOAP and DIN standards for the rapid determination of oxidation, nitration, sulfation, water, coolant, fuel dilution, soot and wear additive depletion in used lubricating oils.

When coupled with an optional autosampler, the Spectro FT-IR Oil Analyzer is ideal for condition monitoring laboratories with large sample loads. The system is easy to use and requires little training for operation since it is optimized for one application: used oil analysis. It features continuous online diagnosis of all spectrometer components and automatic control of selected measurement parameters.

The Spectro Oil Analysis FT-IR Spectrometer is equipped with a standard transmission flow cell; however, an optional ATR cell is also available. The cells are mounted in a pre-aligned base plate for fast and reproducible exchange.

The Spectro FT-IR Oil Analysis System Includes:

• Software for used oil analysis for the automatic determination of lubricant degradation and contamination.
• Permanently aligned, high sample throughput interferometer for spectrometer stability and durability.
• Software that continuously monitors all optical components and accessories.
• Source, detector and laser which are easily replaced without special training.
• Easy to install sampling accessories that mount into pre-aligned quick lock base plate.
• Fixed interferometer which avoids the need for time consuming and complex alignment.
• Internal Validation Unit (IVU) with calibration standards to systematically validate the system.
• Computer and monitor, Windows® XP PRO operating system.
• Ethernet connection for spectrometer operation from a PC, laptop or network.

Features and Benefits
Provides an early warning of lubricant degradation and contamination
Instrument and software specifically designed for the analysis of used oil.
Transmission cell optimized for the analysis of used oil.
Fixed interferometer, does not require software or manual alignment.
Exceptional stability and reliability in harsh operating environments.
Completely sealed and desiccated to prevent humidity interferences

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