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"A Ferrogram Maker for fast, efficient and low cost separation of wear and contaminant particles from used lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids, greases, coolants and fuels."


In today's modern power generation, manufacturing, refinery, transportation, mining, and military operations, the cost of equipment maintenance, service, and lubricants are ever increasing. Parts, labor, equipment downtime and lubricant prices and disposal costs are a primary concern in a well run maintenance management program. Machine condition monitoring based on oil analysis has become a prerequisite in comprehensive maintenance programs. The T2FM plays a key role in such programs. It separates and concentrates wear and contaminant particles for microscopic examination. Particle size, surface characteristics and composition are then used to determine wear modes inside a machine so that maintenance recommendations can be made.


T2FM stands for Thistle Tube Ferrogram Maker. The heart of the new T2FM is the glass thistle tube. The name comes from its unique shape resembling the thistle plant. The glass thistle tube provides a constant and efficient flow of sample onto the substrate. The sample, after dilution, is poured directly into the top oft he thistle tube. In seconds, the sample begins flowing across the ferrogram. The diameter and length of the capillary section of the thistle tube control the flow rate onto the ferrogram.


Key features of the T2FM are:



A rinse cycle is initiated as soon as the last of the sample has left the thistle tube. Solvent is dripped onto the lip of the thistle tube as it is slowly rotated, thoroughly rinsing the walls and cleaning it for the next sample.


The T2FM prepares a ferrogram more quickly than ever before. There is no delay time as sample is pumped through plastic tubing before reaching the ferrogram surface. Furthermore, the rinse may begin as soon as the sample leaves the thistle tube. The T2FM delivers the entire sample, and all the particles contained therein onto the ferrogram surface. There is also no distortion of particles since the thistle tube concept eliminates the need for a pump.


A crystal clear rinse is obtained without fail for every ferrogram. There are no last minute drips of oil sample onto the ferrogram leaving distracting halos around the particles when viewed under the microscope.


Spectro Inc. is the only company dedicated exclusively to provide instrumentation, software and applications support for machine condition monitoring through oil analysis. Contact us for your instrumentation needs and complete turnkey systems for oil analysis.