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The field of fine particle characterisation is becoming more important in a range of different application. Particle Test has the knowledge and experience to help our customers with all there fine particle characterisation needs. It also help that we are support by companies who have specialises in there field of instrumentation.


BEL are the adsorption science specialises you only need to look over the complete product range to see that BEL really are the specialises. The only company to commercial offer systems such Volumetric Chormatography for measurements of the gas adsorption in mixed gas systems.  


In the area of Particle analysis PAMAS has development particle counters and sizer for also all application and continues to work with customer to create solutions to new customer applications.


Over the year we have developed close working relationships with these companies, which in has resulted in the best in customer support.


The instrumenatation we support, can measure from the micro to the macro covering applications such as;


With the increased need of fuel cell development Particle Test can help with a range of instrumentation offering;


Teaching equipment for engineering education (SOLTEQ) such as chemical, mechanical, electrical and control engineering. These products are utilised in public and private universities, university colleges, polytechnics, skilled training centers, advanced technical institutions and colleges.




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Fine Particle Characterization
Particle Size Analysis.

Particle Counting.

Surface Area Analysis.

Pore Size Distribution.

High Pressure Adsorption.

Vapour Adsorption.

Fuel Cell Research.

Pilot Plants.

Teaching Aid.

Test Sieves.

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