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Online particle counter for hydraulic oil, lube oil.

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PAMAS S50 Online Particle Counter
The PAMAS S50 is a cost effective, high performance laser based online system with simple integration into industrial data management systems. An automatic digital flow rate determination provides accurate measurement results. The PAMAS S50 counts particles with high resolution in 8 particle size channels, available via the data interface for report in real time to the PC. 3 ISO contamination classes of the sizes 4µm; 6µm and 14µm are displayed at the instrument itself.
Contamination control and condition monitoring of
- hydraulic oil systems
- lube oil systems
- test rigs
- parts cleaning
Sample input:
Pressure: min. 0.2 to max. 20 bar
Flow: 5 to 50 ml/min, depending on system pressure
Up to 1000 cSt, depending on system pressure
Particle sensor: HX
Max. concentration: 24.000 per ml at 7% coincidence at 25 ml/min
Size range 4µm(c) to 70 µm(c), Calibration ISO 11171:1999
Standard, 8 size channels, 4µm, 6µm, 10µm, 14µm,
21µm, 25µm, 38µm, 70 µm(c)
SAE AS 4059D, ISO 4406:1999, measures ISO class 0 - 22
RS485; 8x I/O analog 4-20mA ports
16xdigital I/O ports 0-24V for PLC (on request)
Ethernet network interface 10Mbits (on request)
POV: Pamas Online Visualization for contamination control and condition monitoring
PCT: Pamas Component Test for parts cleaning and roll off cleanliness testing
S50P Online particle counter with built-in
pump/flow controller; flow: 25 ml/min.
S50HP High Pressure Online particle counter
Pressure: min. 5 to max. 400 bar
Viscosity: 1.000cSt. + depending on system pressure

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