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Online Particle Counter for hydraulic oil and lube oil

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PAMAS OLS40 Online Particle Counter
Out of the S40 base is the development of the online OLS-40 particle counter. The standard shell is steel painted. An especially stainless steel shell is made for more corrosive applications, like Skydrol and Esther based fluids. The built-in pump with stepper motor guarantees a constant flow. The system is equipped with a RS23 data interface.
It is used in monitoring facilities system in the aircraft industry, in test rigs, parts clean test stands and production test lines.
Sample input:
Low pressure: 0 to 7 bar - online mode
High pressure: 5 to 420 bar - online mode
Sample viscosity:
Up to 200 cSt
Pressurized, up to 350 cSt
Particle sensor: HCB-LD-50/50
flow rate 25 ml/min, max. particle concentration 24.000 p/ml at 7% coincidence.
Calibration ISO 11171:
size range: 4µm(c) to 70 µm(c)
8 Size Channels: 4µm, 6µm, 10µm,
14µm, 21µm, 25µm, 38µm, 70 µm(c),
according to ISO 4406:1999 SAE AS 4059 (A-F), (B-F) etc.

Calibration ISO 4402 (Option):
size range: 2µm – 100µm
8 Size Channels: 2µm, 5µm, 10µm,
15µm, 20µm, 25µm, 50µm, 100 µm.
according to NAS 1638, ISO 4406:1987,

POV: Pamas Online Visualization Software for contamination control and condition monitoring
PCT: Pamas Component Test for parts cleaning and roll off cleanliness testing

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