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AS Automated particle counter system for contamination analysis of several hundred sample a day

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PAMAS Automated Particle Counter
The PAMAS Auto Sampler is used for oil contamination analysis for batch sampling. With this fully automated system several hundred samples per day may be analysed.
There are two sampler systems available:
Sampler with tray for 2x15 sample containers.
An X-Y coordination system will grab sample fluid out of
each sample container and measure it’s particle content.
Sampler with conveying belt: the sample is fed through the system
During operation the conveying belt and the tray may be recharged to ensure an uninterrupted sampling/ measurements.

Particle sensor: HCB-LD-50/50
flow rate 25 ml/min, max. particle concentration 24.000 p/ml at 7% coincidence
calibration according to ISO 4402 or ISO 11171
Contamination analysis of a continuously high numbers of oil samples.

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