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The PAMAS Autosampler is designed to handle unattended analysis for a few hundred sample per day. The systems are fully auto-mated with data presentation according to customers needs. Adaption to existing lab-wide data software. Free selectable bottle sizes gives utmost flexibility to adapt to almost every application.
The PAMAS SBSS-C is suited for almost any application with viscous liquids including;
- Hydraulic oils
- Insulation and turbine oils
- Gear and motor oils
- Water based hydralic fluids
- Organic fluids
- 1 µm sensitivity according to ISO4402.
- 4 µm (c) sensitivity according to ISO11171
- Polymer solutions (high pressure option)
The PAMAS S40 has the following features;
- 8 channel high resolution digital system for analysis
- Pressureless sampling as well as pressurized up to 420 bar
- User friendly operation using touch screen with graphic display
- Compatible with ISO 4406:1999, SAE AS 4059D, ISO 4406:1987, NAS 1638
- Real portability with lab system accuracy
- User can configure the system to their needs in profiles
- Pressurized sensor avoids degassing
- Display and printout provide triple ISO codes, NAS- and SAE cleanliness classes, measurement volumes and particle numbers
- Storage of more than 500 measurement data sets
- Pressurized sampling up to 350 cSt
- Operates on 90 - 230 V AC (50/60 Hz), 12 - 30 V DC or internal battery
-Includes download software to export files into excel.
The PAMAS S50 and PAMAS S50P automatic online particle counters for oil contamination control and condition monitoring. The PAMAS S50 is a sensitive low cost on-line particle counter for continuous oil contamination control. More than just a contamination monitor the PAMAS S50 on-line particle counter measures particle numbers and ISO 4406:1999 cleanliness classes. The measured data can be transferred to computer via interface port. Additionally PAMAS S50
has a display for ISO 4406 cleanliness classes.
The PAMAS OLS40 comes with the following features;
-  built-in pump.
- Calibration according to ISO4406:1999 or ISO4406:1987
- Pressureless sampling as well as pressurized sampling from 7 bar up to 420 bar.
- Viscosities up to 350 cSt (on pressurized samples)
- Operates on 90 - 230VAC or 12 -30 VDC
- Optional 4 -20mA output.
- Optional alarm relay output
The PAMAS 4132 Analyser simultaneous analysis 2, 16 channel sensors.
- Sensors can handle pressures up to 420 bar
- 1µm sensitivity according to ISO4402.
- 3µm(c) sensitivity according to ISO11171
- User selectable channels.
- Size range 1 - 800µm(c) depending on sensors.
- Adaptable to any Multipass application and ß-ratio analysis

Particle Counter for Oil Based Fluids

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