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PAMAS GmbH, located near Stuttgart (Germany), is a worldwide active company focused on high-quality particle measuring systems. Whenever it comes to particle counting and particle sizing, PAMAS answers your needs for most applications. While we have experience in this field since many years (founded 1992), every user of PAMAS equipment gets individual support for his special application. PAMAS is learning from its customers. This makes PAMAS systems outperforming. PAMAS's statement is to solve our customers problems, and not only to sell a particle counting system.

Some of the applications cover by the quality product offered by PAMAS include contamination control of;


Water/Glycol Hyraulic fluid
Offshore Fluids

Hydraulic Oil
Lube Oil

Filter Testing
USP Pharmaceutical
Clean Fluids Laboratory
Drinking Water
Waste Water

Dry Particle Size Analysis


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