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Our instruments are used as an integral part of machine maintenance, and data from them is used to predict failures or potential problems based on the analysis of lubricants. These instruments are shown below and the tests or applications are shown to the left.


We also offer a range of instruments for condition monitoring in the laboratory.

The PAMAS S40 is a portable system designed to count and size particles in oil and hydraulic fluids. The PAMAS S40 will report the ISO codes, NAS and SAE AS4059. As a truely portable unit the PAMAS S40 can operate from the internal battery and printer reports to the built in printer.
The FluidScan is a handheld condition based maintenance system that protects machinery by determining when a lubricant needs to be changed due to excessive contamination or degradation. Its detection capabilities can determine lubrication contamination, degradation and cross-contamination at the point of use by measuring key oil condition parameters in both synthetic and petroleum-based lubricants and fluids. Measure oil condition parameter including Total Base Number (TBN), Total Acid Number (TAN), Oxidation, Nitration, Sulfation, Incorrect lubricant, Additive depletion, Soot, Glycol/Antifreeze and Water
The MIDAS is a very sensitive, easy to use and low cost instrument for determining the amount of ferrous wear debris in an oil or hydraulic fluid sample. The MIDAS resolves Fe levels down to 1 PPM, giving an instantaneous display reading. Units are in profitable use worldwide, in mining, papermills, power generation, oil analysis laboratories, locomotives, oil additive producers and sugar refiners.
The Fuel Sniffer is a portable fuel dilution meter that can be used in the laboratory or in the field to provide rapid and accurate measurements of fuel contamination in engine oils. The Fuel Sniffer needs just over 60 seconds to perform each measurement. The next sample can be introduced quickly with the specially designed "clamp and sample" bottle platform, so that 40 or more samples can be measured per hour.

The Karl Fisher moisture meter can be user to measure low concentration of water content in petroleum and petrochemical products including oils, gasolines, solvent and fluids.
Patch Test Kit are cheap affordable kits wish give the user a quick incite into the compartment condition and your oil cleanliness.

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