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Our field / workshop instruments are used as an integral part of machine maintenance, and data from them is used to predict failures or potential problems based on the analysis of lubricants. The instruments can be view below, while the tests or applications are listed to the left.


We also offer a range of field / workshop units for condition monitoring


Oil Analysis Spectrometers for the Analysis of Wear Metals, Contaminants, and Additives in Lubricants. The Spectroil M/C-W was designed specifically for the analysis of used oil and is equally at home in the laboratory or on-site where immediate oil analysis results can be vital and sample turnaround time is crucial
The PAMAS Particle Counters offer a rnage of solution to meet you needs from an Autosampler to handle unattended analysis for a few hundred sample per day. The systems are fully auto-mated with data presentation according to customers needs. and the PAMAS SBSS-C to suited for almost any application with viscous liquids.
With prior knowledge of the wear metals and contaminants present in a lubricating system, it may be determined if that equipment is operating properly or if preventive maintenance is required. LaserNet Fines® combines the standard oil analysis techniques of particle counting and shape classification into a single analytical instrument. An algorithm is used to sort particle shapes into many categories, "cutting, fatigue, severe sliding, non-metallic, fibers, water droplet (free water) and air bubbles".
The Fuel Sniffer is a portable fuel dilution meter that can be used in the laboratory or in the field to provide rapid and accurate measurements of fuel contamination in engine oils. The Fuel Sniffer needs just over 60 seconds to perform each measurement. The next sample can be introduced quickly with the specially designed "clamp and sample" bottle platform, so that 40 or more samples can be measured per hour.
The Spectro-Visc is a bench-top semi-automatic kinematic temperature bath viscometer optimized for the analysis of used and new lubricants. It conforms to the requirements in ASTM D445, D446, D7279, IP 71 and ISO 3104. It is also the ideal system for used oil analysis laboratories that need to test a wide range of lubricant viscosities.
The Spectro FT-IR Oil Analyzer is a bench-top spectrometer optimized and designed specifically for the rapid determination of used oil degradation and contamination. The Spectro FT-IR Oil Analyzer is specifically designed for the molecular analysis of lubricating oil to determine oil degradation and contamination. It was developed and optimized for predictive maintenance programs according to JOAP and DIN standards for the rapid determination of oxidation, nitration, sulfation, water, coolant, fuel dilution, soot and wear additive depletion in used lubricating oils.
Rapid Tester® provides rapid determinations of flash point or sustained burning qualities by using a small sample. A flash/no flash test result is achieved in one minute for flash points below 100°C with a 2mL sample.

The Karl Fisher moisture meter can be user to measure low concentration of water content in petroleum and petrochemical products including oils, gasolines, solvent and fluids.
The MIDAS is a very sensitive, easy to use and low cost instrument for determining the amount of ferrous wear debris in an oil or hydraulic fluid sample. The MIDAS resolves Fe levels down to 1 PPM, giving an instantaneous display reading. Units are in profitable use worldwide, in mining, papermills, power generation, oil analysis laboratories, locomotives, oil additive producers and sugar refiners.
Machine condition monitoring based on oil analysis has become a prerequisite in comprehensive maintenance programs. The T2FM plays a key role in such programs. It separates and concentrates wear and contaminant particles for microscopic examination. Particle size, surface characteristics and composition are then used to determine wear modes inside a machine so that maintenance recommendations can be made.
The Wear Particle Atlas CD-ROM is a new comprehensive computer database of wear particles found in all types of oil lubricated equipment. It combines the traditional ferrogram techniques with the more recent filtergram technique and contains close to 1,000 color pictures with detailed descriptions.

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