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K90365 Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator

Test Method
Determines low concentrations of water in a wide range of liquid, gas and powder samples. Used for assessing water content in petroleum and petrochemical products including oils, gasolines, solvents, and fluids as well as other products such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Features and Benefits

• Conforms to ASTM D1533, D4928, D6304; IP 386, 438; API MPMS Chapter 10.9; BS 60814; ISO 10101-3, 10337, 12937

• Simple Operation

• Multi-language display and print out

• Integral high-speed thermal printer

• Small footprint

• Automatic Compensation of Errors

• Portability Option, battery powered

K90365 Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator
The AFK5000 offers new standards in versatility and ease of operation. Providing fast, accurate and reproducible determinations of water content in liquids, gases and powders. This easy to use titrator incorporates many state-of-the-art features. Designed to be equally suitable for meeting the routine needs of the Quality Control laboratory or the more demanding and varied requirements of research applications. Hard copies of results are provided by the built in high-speed thermal printer, along with statistics, data input parameters, sample ID numbers and time/date of analysis. At the heart of the AFK5000 is the state of the art ACE (Automatically Compensated Errors) control system. The ACE control system guarantees that the actual electrolysis current produced and the count rate displayed are always correctly synchronized, regardless of changes to the electrolysis cell resistance.

Titration method: Coulometric Karl Fischer titration
Electrolysis control: Patented “ACE” control system
End point detection: AC polarization
End point indication: Visual display/print out/acoustic beep
Display: 40 character alphanumeric backlit LVD
Measuring range (possible): 1µg - 100mg of water
Measuring range (typical): 1µg - 10mg of water
Moisture range: 1 ppm-100%
Max. sensitivity: 0.1 µg
Max. titration speed: 2.0 mg per minute
Max. current: 400 ma
Drift compensation: Automatically controlled
Start delay time: 0-30 minutes, user selectable
End delay time: 0-30 minutes, user selectable
Power Supply: 90-264VAC, 47-63Hz Universal input
Precision: 10-100µg ±3µg, 100 µg-1mg ±5µg, above 1mg ±0.5%
Calculation modes: Weight/weight, user programmable
Weight/dilution ratio, user programmable
Volume/density, user programmable
Volume/volume, user programmable
Display format: µg, mg/kg, ppm, %
Print format: µg, mg/kg, ppm, %
Statistics: max, mean, min values upto 99 runs
Method storage: 10 user programmable methods
Sample ID number: user programmable
Printer: 42 character high-speed thermal printer
Stirrer speed: Microprocessor controlled
Dimensions: 250 x 245 x 120 mm
Weight: 3 kg
Language: English, Francais, Espanol, Portugues, Deutsch and Magyar
Calendar/clock: Analysis times and date print out

Included Accessories
LDC (Low Drift Cell) glassware pack comprising twin port titration vessel, detector electrode, generator electrode, desiccant tube, molecular sieve, stirrer bar, injection septa, funnel & 1 ml glass syringe with luer needle.

Dimensions lxwxh,in.(cm)
9.8x9.6x4.7 (25x24.5x12)
Net Weight: 6.5 lbs (3 kg)

Shipping Information
Shipping Weight: 15.5 lbs (7 kg)
Dimensions: 1.9 Cu. ft.


Ordering Information
Product Description
Electrical Requirements
Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator
115/230V 50/60Hz


Product Description
Gas Analysis Kit (comprises gas inlet, gas outlet,
seal ring & cap)
K90365-8 Carry Case
K90365-9 Reagents (Pack if 8 x 100 ml anode reagent,
8 x 5 ml cathode reagent, 1 x 0.1mg/ml
& 1 x 1.0 mg/ml water standards)

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