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BELSORP-miniII is a compact, volumetric adsorption measurement instrument used for specific surface area and pore distribution measurement. Up to 3 samples can be measured simultaneously and independently with dedicated software, which makes operation of the instrument straightforward. BELSORP-miniII uses a new method for free space measurement (AFSM), which enables high accuracy and reproducible data analysis to be performed. BELSORP-miniII can be widely used for both research and QC in industry and academia.

BELsorp - mini II

Surface Area & Pore Size Distribution

This instrument is our high-end volumetric gas adsorption instrument. To obtain useful information about micropore, it is important to measure adsorption isotherm from low relative pressure with accuracy. The BELSORP-max is designed for wide range adsorption isotherm for surface area and pore size distribution analysis. It can measure adsorption isotherms from relative pressure as low as 1 x10-8 (N2 at 77K, Ar at 87K), using a 13.3Pa pressure transducer. Also AFSM, the new method for free space measurement, is applied and adsorption isotherm can be measured with high accuracy. Chemisorption option enables unattended chemisorption measurement from pretreatment with step programs.

BELsorp - max

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