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Automatic specific surface area/pore size distribution measurment



BELSORP-miniII is a compact, volumetric adsorption measurement instrument used for specific surface area and pore distribution measurement. Up to 3 samples can be measured simultaneously and independently with dedicated software, which makes operation of the instrument straightforward. BELSORP-miniII uses a new method for free space measurement (AFSM), which enables high accuracy and reproducible data analysis to be performed. BELSORP-miniII can be widely used for both research and QC in industry and academia.



- Up to 3 samples can be measured independently and simultaneously.

- Pore sizes of 0.35 to 200 nm in diameter can be measured.

- Specific surface areas as low as 0.01 m2/g can be measured.

- Up to 4 BELSORP-miniII units can be controlled from one computer.

- Liquid nitrogen level control is no longer necessary by applying advanced free space measurement method (AFSM) invented by BEL, which obtains high precision and high reproducible data.

- Very compact space-saving unit.

- ISO 9277 and JIS Z 8830 compliant.

- CE certificate.



Measurement principle Volumetric gas adsorption method +AFSM  

Adsorptive N2, Ar, CO2, H2 and other non-corrosive gases  

Analysis port High accuracy mode 3 ports

 Standard mode 2 ports

Specific surface area 0.01m2/g and above (N2/77K, depends on sample density)  

Pore size distribution 0.35 – 200 nm in pore diameter  

Pressure transducer 133 kPa (1000Torr) ± 0.5 % of F.S. ×5 units  

Dewar vessel Volume 2L

Holding time 30H

Sample cell Approx. 1.8cm3 (Option: 5 cm3)  

Physical W313 x H650 x D390mm, 42kg
(Not includes vacuum pump, computer and its peripheral)  

Power Single phase: AC100 - 120V or 200--240V / 600VA
(450VA is for vacuum pump)  


BELSORP-miniII operation and technique    

BELSORP-miniII uses volumetric method for adsorption measurement.In order to measure adsorption amount with volumetric method, volume of measuring system has to be measured precisely at the setout.Then, adsorption amount is measured from the change of gas pressure inside the measuring system by means of state equation of gas.With built-in 5 pressure sensors, high precision measurement can be carried out.

An adsorption measurement starts with sample pretreatment.After samples are set at BELSORP-miniII and all the operation will be automatically carried out by the software starting with free space measurement followed by adsorption and desorption measurement.This reduces the possibility for human error and increases reliability and reproducibity.

Adsorption-Desorption isotherms are measured by its dedicated software, and the real time isotherms, trend chart and instrument condition are displayed on a computer screen. The software has “System-check function”, which automatically diagnose the instrument.

・AFSM(Advanced Free Space Measurement method)
BEL Japan has developed AFSM(Patented), a unique method to compensate for free space change in the sample tube. Conventional instruments require free space measurement prior to adsorption measurement and the level of liquid nitrogen has to be kept constant during the adsorption measurement. This causes problems with temperature variations in the top of the tube, large consumption of liquid nitrogen, or requires a complicated liquid nitrogen system.

The BELSORP-miniII does not require a constant liquid nitrogen level. The change in free space due to changes in liquid nitrogen level and temperature. For high precision measurements, this is performed at the same time as a measurement but for high throughput applications, this can be measured prior to the sample measurement. This method can compensate free space changes by all the possible factors and therefore allows to collect high accuracy data without waste of liquid.  

BELMaster (Data evaluation software)
The BELMaster of BELSORP-miniII evaluates surface area and pore information with simple operation. Evaluated data by different methods can be saved in CSV format to be opened in other spreadsheet software packages. The software is very user friendly making it possible to produce good quality analysis printouts for reports or notebooks. The following analysis method is included :   

Analysis program

 Adsorption / Desorption isotherm   

 BET method   

 Langmuir method   

 αs method   

 t method   

 MP method   

 BJH / CI / DH method   

 DA method   

 Differential adsorption isotherm   

 Molecular probe method   


 The software helps to compare multiple data by overlaying graphs. You may easily analyze some data by different analyses or compare with other data.  















Operation and Technique


Product Brochure (PDF)

BELsorp - mini II

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