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BELsorp - max.

BELsorp - mini II.

BELsorp - aqua.

BELsorp - HP.

BELCAT range.

BEL - METAL - 3.

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This instrument is our high-end volumetric gas adsorption instrument. To obtain useful information about micropore, it is important to measure adsorption isotherm from low relative pressure with accuracy. The BELSORP-max is designed for wide range adsorption isotherm for surface area and pore size distribution analysis. It can measure adsorption isotherms from relative pressure as low as 1 x10-8 (N2 at 77K, Ar at 87K), using a 13.3Pa pressure transducer. Also AFSM, the new method for free space measurement, is applied and adsorption isotherm can be measured with high accuracy. Chemisorption option enables unattended chemisorption measurement from pretreatment with step programs.

BELsorp - max


BEL-CAT can perform various essential analyses for catalyst evaluation such as TPD, TPReduction, TPO, Metal dispersion, BET 1 point method, Pulse adsorption.

Wide adsorption amount range can be measured with 2 different pulse injection loops in volume and high sensitivity TCD detector.

This is a high-security instrument with a feature that the high temp. heater and the low temp. Dewar vessel are completely covered.

BELCAT range

Rare metal support catalyst is used for automobile exhaust gas catalyst, alteration catalyst of naphtha and etc. It is important in catalyst procurement how much rare metal atom is exposed on solid surface as the reaction mainly happens on noble metal surface. Measuring the chemical adsorption amount on rare metal is one of the methods to measure the degree of the exposure. BEL-METAL-3 measures chemical adsorption amount of 3 samples by pulse injection method, and pretreatment and measurement are automatically carried out. Also, the following data can be analyzed from the chemical adsorption amount measured: (1) Metal dispersion rate (2) metal surface area, (3) average metal particle size conductivity simultaneously.


This is a compact-sized reactor for personal use in your laboratory. Operations are simple and easy.



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