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Catalyst analyzer



BELCAT-M : The BELCAT-M is the basic model of BELCAT series.
While BELCAT-M is a compact and inexpensive instrument, a variety of measurement such as pulse chemisorption, TPD, TPO/TPR, and single point BET can be performed. The temperature control and data acquisition can be carried out by a high resolution interface and the measurement software. Valves and other parts are put on the front panel in a straightforward array and that allows intuitive and easy operation.
BELCAT-B : The BELCAT-B is a standard model of BELCAT series.
Temperature control, data acquisition and valve operation can be carried out automatically. Gas flow rates for carrier and pretreatment lines are controlled accurately by MFCs. A split-type electric furnace enables quick cooling. BELCAT-B can be customized as the customer's requirement. Measurement can be performed easily by setting the sample cell and entering the parameters and conditions.
BELCAT-A : The BELCAT-A is the high-end model of BELCAT series.
In addition to the function of BELCAT-B, vapor dosing such as water, pyridine etc. is available. The vapor concentration can be controlled with a heater. Valves and gas plumbing are placed in the temperature controlled air oven to prevent vapors from condensation. By combining a vapor condenser with the heater, the vapor concentration can be controlled more accurately in the wider range.




Measuring principle: Flow adsorption / desorption amount measurement  

Concentration detector: 4 element Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)  

Adsorbate gas: H2, O2, CO, N2, NO, NH3, etc  

Analysis: Metal dispersion, chemical adsorption, physical adsorption, TPD / TPR curve, BET1 point method specific surface area, etc.  

Temperature range: RT~1100C






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BELCAT range

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