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Proactive Maintenance

The Spectroil M/C-W Oil Analysis Spectrometer is a easy and fast way to perform analysis of wear metals, contaminants and additives in lubricants, hydraulic fluids and cololants.
The Spectroil M/C-W has the capability to analyse all the wear metals, contaminants and additives typically found in used oil samples. The Spectroil M/C-W was designed specifically for the analysis of used oil and is equally at home in the laboratory or on-site where immediate oil analysis results can be vital and sample turnaround time is crucial.
Spectrometric oil analysis is applicable to any closed loop lubricating system, such as those found in engines, gas turbines, transmissions, gear boxes, compressors and hydraulic systems. In practice, an operator would take an oil sample from a system. The spectrometer analyses the sample for trace levels of metal worn from moving parts, as well as for extraneous contamination and additive element levels. The resulting data, when compared to previous analyses and allowable limits, may indicate a sound mechanism showing normal wear or it may point out a potentially serious problem in its early stages. With the advance warning, scheduled downtime can be arranged for the repair and proactive maintenance can be achieved.

Article first posted : 22nd of October, 2007

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