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Viscosity of Lubricants

The Spectro-Visc is a bench-top semi-automatic kinematic temperature bath viscometer optimized for the viscosity analysis of used and new lubricants. It conforms to the requirements in ASTM D445, D446, D7279, IP 71 and ISO 3104. It is also the ideal system for used oil analysis laboratories that need to test the viscosity of a wide range of lubricants.
A significant reduction in viscosity of your lubricant can result in excessive wear, heat generation due to mechanical friction, increased sensitivity to particle contamination due to reduced oil film.
Also a significant increase in viscosity of your lubricant can cause excessive heat generation, lubrication starvation due to inadequate oil flow, excess energy consumption to overcome fluid friction, poor cold-start due to pumpability. With this in mind it is obvious the importance of continuously measuring the viscosity of lubricants to maintenance optimum machinery operation.
Through the use of proactive maintenance looking parameter like lubricant viscosity planned predictive maintenance will ensure the successful operation of your machinery.

Article first posted : 21st of August, 2007

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