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Gas Adsorption Analyser

Particle Test has released BEL’s gas adsorption analyser for surface area and pore size distribution analysis.
BEL offers a range of instruments to measure surface and pore size distribution by gas adsorption.
The BEL range of instruments offer the flexibility of a high-resolution research tool at the same time a system capable of high throughput.
The BEL range of surface area and pore size distribution instrumentation can measure surface areas as low as 0.01 m2 /g with N2 (and 0.0005 m2 /g with Kr).

This is possible through BEL’s patient method AFSM, which accuracy measures the free space in a sample tube without the need to keep the liquid N2 level at a constant level.
The BELsorp max is capable of using different adsorption gases to measure the surface area and pore size distribution including N2, Ar, Kr, CO2, CH4, CO, H2 and more.

Utilising a molecular drag pump the BELsorp max is capable of measuring pore size distributions from 0.35 nm.

The BELsorp max comes with a number of different dewer options so adsorptions cab be done from 77K to 673K. The standard liquid N2 dewer has a massive 60hrs capacity for those extended analysis times.

There is a BEL instrument to suit everyone’s surface area and pore size distribution needs. The BELsorp mini II for surface area and pore size distributions.

The BELsorp max for nano materials, micropore materials, surface area, pore size and chemisorption.

The BELcat for chemisorption analysis. BEL also offers instrumentation for fuel cell and catalyst research.

Article first posted : 28th of May, 2007

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