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PAMAS S40 Particle Counter

Particle Counters
Particle Test offers a complete range of PAMAS particle counters that cover the ISO4406, NAS1638 and SAE AS4059. PAMAS have almost 20 years experience in design and manufacture of PAMAS counters for a variety of different instruments.
Instrumentation Range
The PAMAS S40 is a portable particle counter for oil based liquids like hydraulic oil, gearbox oil, motor oil, lubrication oil, etc. A wear resistant ceramic piston pump guarantees a constant flow. With a simple to use touch screen user interface operation is easy and intuitive. The system is equipped with a built-in battery for up to 2h operation and a data storage of more than 500 measurements. The system can be used for batch sampling and online measurements. There are additional accessories possible like Skydrol compatible system this system is compatible with phosphate-ester based hydraulic liquids, mainly used in commercial airplane hydraulic systems.

The S4031 WG is a portable particle counter for water based liquids, mainly used for hydraulic systems in offshore oil industry. There a special option of report SAE AS4059 B-F.

The S40 AVTUR is a portable particle counter is designed for the aviation fuel industry. It is equipped with a special AVTUR mode according to the EI-IP577 standard.

The SBSS is a particle counter for bottle samples, online sampling is not possible. The SBSS is the standard instrument in many testing labs. The instrument may be programmed to measure a sample without the need of an operator. High accuracy and repeatability, fast purging and back flush possibility are the key benefits of the system. Applications include use for hydraulic oils, insulation- and turbine oils and organic fluids or solvents. With the USP software the system may be even used for pharmaceutical applications for higher viscous fluids.

Water Viewer
The WaterViewer is used as an online particle counter for low viscous liquids.
Sample input for the standard system is 0.5 to 4 bar pressure, grab sampling or mixed system available on request. The WaterViewer has been designed for a fully automated operation. Also analog and digital I/O of external devices is possible. Automated sensor cleaning removes minerals and most other deposits. The system can be expanded to 4 – 32 waterlines using an automatic multiplexer unit. Water quality control measurements for portable water, waste water, industrial water, pool Water , filter control,  coagulation (flocking) control

Applications of Particle Counter
· Hydraulic Fluid Technology
· Water Quality
· Filter Testing (beta ratio)
· Mining (ISO4406 contamination control)
· Pharmaceutical (USP for injectable)
· Oil Farm (hydrocarbon management)
· Offshore Oil and Gas (NAS and SAE AS4059)
Particle Counter Fluid Capability
· Glues
· Fuels
· Water
· Polymersolutions
· Insulation and Turbine Oils
· Organic Fluids or Solvents
· Lube Oil (Gear and Motor)
· Particle Measurement and Particle Processing
· Hydraulic Fluids (Mineral and Water Based)

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