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Onsite and In-Field Used Oil Analysis Equipment

Condition Monitoring with Spectro Inc
Particle Test offers a complete range of Spectro Inc instrumentation for machine condition monitoring based on oil and fuel analysis. Spectro condition monitoring products are unique in that they have been designed to work equally well in the field or in the laboratory. Our customers benefit from our condition monitoring products by:
§ Detecting potential problems
§ Increase Equipment Availability
§ Avoiding costly repair bills
§ Reducing maintenance costs e.g. by reducing lubricant consumption or scheduled maintenance
§ Cutting expensive downtime
Our primary customers are industrial and military organizations as well as laboratories that provide oil analysis services. We also serve customers who have power generation applications or marine propulsion systems and who wish to detect contaminants in gas turbine fuels.
Testing Capabilities
· Wear Metal and Additives
· Particle Counter (ISO4406)
· Ferrography
· Fuel Dilution
· Viscosity
· Karl Fischer water determination
· Lubricant Oil Degradation & Contamination Measurement (FTIR)
- Total Base Number
- Total Acid Number
- Oxidation
- Nitration
- Sulfation
- Soot
- Glycol
- Water
- Incorrect Lubricant
- Additive Depletion

Solutions to complete on-site Condition Monitoring
Particle Test has assisted many customers to meet their individual needs for their onsite condition monitoring program. We can provide a simply handheld device, through to a complete onsite solution. An ITL our flagship product can provide for all your condition monitoring needs including an integrated software package to help oversee all aspects of your condition monitoring program. All instruments are offered with installation and training to be completed at the customers site, this ensures that your personal understand the full benefits of these tools.

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