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FluidScan on-site Oil Condition Monitoring

The FluidScan is a handheld condition based maintenance system that protects machinery by determining when a lubricant needs to be changed due to excessive contamination or degradation. It detects lubricant contamination and degradation at the point of use by measuring key oil condition parameters in both synthetic and petroleum based lubricants and fluids.
The FluidScan analyzes lubricants and fluids using infrared spectroscopy, a technique that has found wide acceptance as a primary test for contamination and degradation. It performs the analyses with the same accuracy as laboratory instruments, but does so on-site in a handheld version. The FluidScan thus reports and stores information on lubricant condition at the point of use.
The FluidScan Lubricant Condition Monitor is applicable to any large mechanical system where unexpected down time is unacceptable. It enables operators of power generation equipment, marine vessels, trucks, wind turbines, mining and heavy construction equipment, or any large industrial system to establish predictive maintenance programs based on oil condition rather than in a preset schedule based on time or distance.
FluidScan provides immediate on-site analysis of lubricant properties, accurately warning when it is time to change the lubricant due to contamination or degradation. The primary benefits of real-time, onsite analysis include:
• Extended oil change intervals
• No delay in waiting for laboratory analysis
• Reduced operational and maintenance costs
• Reduction of unscheduled maintenance outages
• Prevention of catastrophic failures
• Reduction of hazardous waste

Article first posted : 5th of April, 2008

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