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Water Quality with PAMAS

The PAMAS Waterviewer is an online particle counter for water quality control measurements.
This online unit will measure particle sizes from 1µm up to 200µm, in particle concentrations from 0 up to 200,000 p/mL on up to 32 different waterlines.
The volumetric cell design of the PAMAS sensor guarantees the highest accuracy, resolution and best statistics. The durability of the PAMAS ensures it can by used for different application clean water, recycled water and waste water. Designed for online use the PAMAS Waterviewer has IP65 rating and will work in relative humidity of 100%, even condensing! With flexibility for the customer’s requirements the PAMAS Waterviewer can be supplied with an option to measure up to 800µm or as a laboratory unit in online is not suitable.

Article first posted : 22nd of October, 2007

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